Friday, January 14, 2011

Single Mom

My second semester of school just started and I have spent a good portion of today in shock from my busy week. I am tired. It's after 2pm and I would go back to bed until tomorrow morning if River would let me.

I'm not much for complaining on-line, but lets get real here... being a single Mom is hard, and it really sucks! I have spent a total of 9+ hours in my car driving River and myself around. I have done 5 loads of laundry that are all sitting in a pile waiting to be folded, and it looks like a toy store threw up in my living room. The hours of homework I have is almost too much for me to bare. I have even started threatening River that if he wasn't good, Santa would come back for his presents, and instead of this upsetting River, he is excited to see Santa. Woopsie.

Here is the upside... The all-nighters, the black bags under my eyes and even watching the dumbest shows, like Mario are all worth it. I would do it 20 times over if it meant River was happy and healthy. I hope he sees my hard work, to do what I love, so that as he grows he will be determined to work hard to do what he loves.

I have been blessed to have some great examples of single Moms along the way that inspire me watching them first hand...

-My dear friend Rachel, who has a similar situation as mine, yet seems to do it all and she does it well! She has become one of my greatest friends and I adore her!

-One of my bosses, Kami, who really does it all! She is Mom and Dad, goes to every sports game, event, school activity etc. and adores her kids every movement! She works so hard to give her kids the best life! She was there at the beginning of my trek to single motherhood and has unknowingly held my hand through some of my worst days.

-Joelyn. She is in my program at school, has 5 kids, and is also AMAZING! I feel like people are brought into our lives for a reason, and she is there to help me keep working hard, because I know she understands how hard it all is between the projects, heartache and defeats!

...and most importantly...

-My Mom! She didn't become a single Mom until I was 14, all her other kids grown, but I was a doosie! She loved me better than anyone could ever love me at the hardest points in both our lives! She is my best friend and I confide in her for everything! The thing that has always amazed me is that I cannot recall ONE moment where I heard her complain about what was going on. She is incredible!

I know I will have many more nights when I lay in the fetal position, praying for my homework to burn, but doing it all for the better life for River is worth every second. So here's to all the single Moms out there... I raise my Dr.Pepper can to you!