Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Love Life "Glee" Style....

It may be that I watch too much "Glee" or it was the 2 hour drive I had in my car today, to and from school, but as I listened to my ipod the songs took me back to my past and current relationships.

I thought I would share the past 2 years of my dysfunctional love life "Glee" style... by song. Enjoy.

First off, this song speaks for itself. I'm pretty sure Taylor swift wrote this song for me. Word for word. Right down to the reference of being 19.

"Dear John" by Taylor Swift

So, the second guy I dated I fell for pretty hard, so hard I failed to realize in the 10 months I dated him, off and on, he HAD A SERIOUS GIRLFRIEND! OH WAIT! HE FORGOT TO TELL ME THAT! Idiot. Anyway, Mr. Farmboy quickly earned this song from me without hesitation.

"Cowboy Casanova" by Carrie Underwood

Moving on...

Guy #3 Well he's a mystery to everyone! Whenever I hear this song, I think of him for some reason... and not because he's dead... because he's not.

"Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel, done by Puck on "Glee"

Guy number four.
This guy I am still good friends with, and he is great, just REALLY indecisive. Like changing his mind about dating me 3 different times.

"Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry

And finally numero cinco....

This guy deserves my all time favorite song.
I love you Addison! I can't wait to spend forever with you!

"Love Story" by Taylor Swift

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  1. If this is not the greatest blog post of all time...I have no idea what is!!! I love you with all my heart Kelli! You are my soul mate and I am the luckiest man alive!