Monday, April 19, 2010

Why I LOVE Burgerville

While there are many reasons to love Burgerville such as the amazing Pepper Bacon Cheese Burger, a milkshake for every season, the fact that their straws can be put in your compost.... what won me over was their kids meals.

Now that River doesn't share food with Mommy very well, I decided I would spend the extra $5 and buy a kids meal. I still get really excited to see what "prize" we can add to the pile of crap we already have, but I am pleasantly surprised by what they give to a new, greener generation of kids... pots and seeds!

I love this and it was a blast to put these together with River, he loved it! Brownie points for Burgerville! Or should I say bacon points?


  1. I will definitely keep this in mind! Kids meals are so fun but McDonalds, etc is so gross. I love BV already - I had no idea they even did kids meals. What are the portions like? Maybe I'll get myself one...

    Also, I'm far from vegetarian, but their black bean veggie burger is one of the best things ever.

  2. I barely consider BV as fast food. The fact that it's local, tasty, and the atmosphere is consistantly good makes it tops for me if I'm out and about and need a burger fix.

    As much as I miss the ol' styrofoam containers and cups I have to say the more eco friendly packaging is a nice change from the norm. I also appreciate BV is the first major fast food joint to opt for a bike thru window, keeping with the local appeal and green image.

  3. Kelly,
    I loved your Dad! One of my favorite memories of Scott was one late night, Adrienne was very sick with a high fever and we called Scott to help give her a blessing. He was so kind and gentle and tender with Adrienne, in an extra special way. I remember him saying, I am so sorry you are sick honey. I was very touched at his genuine concern for her. You do have an amazing mother too! She is truly one of my best friends and great heroines! Kelly YOU are pretty DARN amazing yourself! It was great to have you in the temple with us during Erica's wedding! See you in a couple of weeks! I Love You! xoxo Amy Peacock