Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Things to remember my Dad....

It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since my Dad passed away... so much has changed yet I feel him with me with every changing event, big or small.

To honor him I have chosen 10 things to do in honor of him.

1. Go back to school
Dad was a big believer in getting your education... after many regrets when it comes to school, I am ready to embark on this adventure. This will be happening this fall, more details to come.

2. Climb Mt. St. Helens
Dad climbed Mt. St. Helens a few times and I was always too young to go. It's my turn to do it, even if I hate hiking, it will be a great experience.

3. Go on a family vacation! Disneyland here we come!
Some of my fondest memories from my childhood were on our family vacations. We have not been on a family vacation as a whole family since he has passed and it's about time, but this time instead of 7 people, there will be 16.

4. Go to a Mariners game
Again, the many times he went I was always too young to go.

5. Run the Starlight parade... or just go to it.
This was something I remember doing as a family a few times and I loved watching it! I still remember some high school, band kid barfing a few feet away from me. My Dad also ran the Portland Marathon and let's be realistic here.... that's just not going to happen for me, so I can possibly handle a 3 mile run, and that's only if people will do it with me!

6. Go camping
This is something I have never done and I blame my Dad for it. We always stayed in hotels, never tents. Apparently he got tried of all the camping he had to do as a kid so that's why we never did it. It has benefited me in some ways, I work in a hotel now, and I can remember every hotel room I have ever stayed in. Now at the age of 24, I am ready to do something different and enjoy a nights sleep on the hard, rocky ground.

7. Learn to change the oil in my car
This was something he always did, and I would love to say I know how to do it... anyone know how and want teach me?

8. Put together a memory book
At his funeral people wrote down memories of him, and we have them in a box. I would love to have copies for myself to read how many lives he touched.

9. Do something kind for the people who have helped me these past 10 years
This will take some brainstorming, but it's never too late to tell people you appreciate them.

10. Watch his favorite movies
Mrs. Doubtfire, Field of Dreams, etc. I am a big movie fan, so what better way to connect with him than through movies.

I will follow up with these goals when I have completed them. This is something I am really looking forward to!


  1. Hey sis... this is so great. I feel like I get to know your dad more every day! You guys are lucky to have such a wonderful family. I'm running the Starlight Run this year, and would love it if you would join me! It's June 5th... YOU CAN DO IT!!- Sarah

  2. Hey Kelli - thanks for this post. I enjoyed reading your memories about your dad. he was a great man. Have fun checking off these adventures! Laurie Miller

  3. Hey Kelli-
    Wow 10 years! I remember those days holding a 14 year old girl at the hospital and trying to make sense of it all. What impressed me most was your stoic and zeal for life. Watching you grow up and become one of the most wonderful person I know. Caring and compassinate. You're dad would be proud! I'm sure his hand is stirring your pot and making you reach for the stars. Do it! I'm proud of you!!! I hope you accomplish all goals in memory of your dad!

  4. You go Kelli. Have fun doing all of it! love ya:)

  5. Kelli!
    I love reading your posts. Dave can teach you how to change to oil. Come on over!! I sure miss you and think of you often. We need to go out! Hope all is well. :)